unpathed waters

The problem with me is that I don’t talk until I’m hurt. And when I talk, I don’t finish what I’m saying. It’s all in my head. I think it’s very dysfunctional to be this way.I am very sensitive about the things he do, coz he matters. Am I overboard on way thinking too much?

I love him, what more is there to say? I told him last night that he’s not making an effort to pursue me, coz it feels that way. He’s not sweet anymore. I don’t feel special in  a way. And the thing is, I only miss the feeling coz he MADE ME FEEL THAT WAY BEFORE. And I miss it. So much. I felt that the time is ticking and he’s going away very far for months. I want every memory sticks. I want to remember him in such a way that I ill be so crushingly aching for his return. Sure the sadness of him being away is hard, but every sweet memory of him that I have will compensate every longing that I will soon feel.

I love him, and sometimes I think he doesn’t see that. 

perhaps, when all he sees is his pain, he lost sight of me.

I may not be a perfect partner, but somehow, my love for him is. I hope he can see that. I just want him back the way he was before. Happy. and Mine.


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