Physically Visible yet Ignored

I’ve been weighing things if I’m the one in cliche. but no, i feel like ive been begging for attention just because some europe dude came. and because, sure, the thing they want to do is enjoyable, im losing the battle. 

right now, im just tired of fighting every shit chance i have to get his attention.  I figured, LOVE is deserved, not won. Attention is. Trust is.

And now I wait, fighting this depression that’s looming over me. Standing against all the crap that I think. When all along, I want him to be with me. He’s going to come home late and tired and I’ll end up disappointed and more unhappy that ever. Coz the priority isn’t me. I felt like I never was. 

My thoughts have been wandering. And hence, it goes where its not good. 


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