So here comes something I’m not prepared for

I am pregnant. And I thought he loved me all the more, but he didn’t.

Instead, he broke up with me, he told me he doesn’t love me anymore. just like that. like i didn’t matter or anything. like i was nothing. garbage.

and I was lost, confused and hurt and sad and scared. but im keeping my baby. its only a month but i love him already. yes, i love him. coz he is mine. and now that everything is wrecked, he’s all i have. and im keeping him. ill make it through this for him, coz i love him. though his dad won’t, i will.

i know that i should be sad for a love that’s lost. I am. but Im choosing to be positive, in a way. for my baby.

I love his dad, of course. that

s something that is strong for now. even though he hurted me greatly today, i still love him. and maybe im hoping to set things right, and i hope they would, but im only trusting the Lord now, I know its the thing that I should do.

So for now, everything is blurry, only one thing is glad to have my baby inside of me.


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