makes you wonder

I no longer know who I am. 

I am leading a life where I vaguely know where I’m in. And it sucks mainly because I am truly clueless of what’s going to happen. I am miserable, alone and badly beaten. I miss the times where I led a life that I know would be good. Some order, some light. But it failed when I poorly let myself sucked into this tangled story. And love is to blame. And the sad thing there is. I don’t even think that I’m loved back. 

yeah, it’s bullshit. but this fucking love crippled me in waaaaay low life that im in..and thes no one to save me, because no one has the courage to do so, and no one loved me enough.

its a pretty shitty life, admit it. and its inescapable. the only thing that drags me still to it was the fact that, yeah, i still love him. hmmmn.

yes, im the last of the mad ones. but i dont know how resilient is my heart to pain. someday, i may get to the point where i can regain myself and be off to where i left my once life. though now, we’re going to be 2. me and this little kid whom i knew i love.


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